Marketing Tips for Brokers – Sharing Killer FREE STUFF on Linked IN.


NOTHING builds trust and engenders positive vibes quite like sharing great value stuff with others for FREE.

It can be a KILLER STRATEGY for those who subscribe to permission based marketing and have the systems in place to capture, filter and build a following of like-minded people who share similar hopes and dreams.

In response, in 2018 Linked IN brought in a new feature that enabled you and I to upload and share documents up to 100MB FREE on all organic posts.

It didn’t really take-off until mid-2019 and even now the feature can be hard to find. Another frustration is that uploading cannot be done on mobile devices, you have to be at your Desktop.

But hear me out! Because the benefits far outweigh these pesky little annoyances.

According to, more and more people are using this type of marketing content to drive engagement.

And why should Mortgage Brokers be any different? Indeed, what a GREAT WAY to launch your new E.Book?

It’s been my personal experience over the past year, since I learned about the feature, that my posts that include FREE document uploads, enjoy significantly higher reach and more engagement.

I like to think it’s because I post good content, but its more than that I suspect. No doubt, the “algorithm bots” love it. Also, it is in part due to the novelty of the function amongst Users. Novelty attracts attention and Linked In is no different. It’s simply how are brains are wired.

Whatever the case, it works! And it motivates me to think of content differently. To always be paying attention…

Like me, you’ll likely find you’ve already got tons of content that you can re-purpose or simply upload as a stand-alone document straight away.

This BLOG here is a perfect example. I posted this as a PPTX document and reached over 7,500 people recently.

Front page of the 8 page document I uploaded to Linked In


7 simple steps…

  1. START your post on Linked IN (from your Home Page)
  2. CLICK the document icon (bottom left)
  3. CHOOSE your file document
  4. UPLOAD the document from your computer to linked IN
  5. ADD a title to your document (as prompted)
  6. WRITE your commentary (as prompted)
  7. POST

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