Sales Tips for Brokers – Tracking your Leads & Conversions.

If you’re NOT tracking your leads, you can’t possibly know what to aim for!

YES, Broker software is amazing BUT, let’s be honest, most tracking ONLY starts when that Lead becomes a genuine Opportunity. So how can you truly know:

  • Which of your marketing strategies is working best?
  • Who, of all your referrers, are the most active?
  • How many leads you need to settle $36 million (or $100 million) this financial year?

If you’re a Broker 3+ years in business, this SHOULD MATTER TO YOU !!


For the Broker Business (above) 60% of all their leads they convert to Interview Stage. 65% of Interviews then convert to lodged Applications of which virtually 100% get Conditionally Approved but only 70% will convert to settlement during the quarter.

If this Business’ average loan size is $500,000 and they want to settle an average $5m/month ($15m for the quarter) then, working backwards they will require 110 leads for the quarter (36.5 average monthly).

  • $5,000,000 / $500,000 translates to 10 loan settlements a month
  • 10 / 70% = 14.3 Applications lodged for the month
  • 14.3 / 65% = 22 Interviews conducted for the month
  • 22 / 60% = 36.5 Leads required


The only way to know this is to track where your leads are coming from today.

  • What is working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What is the GAP between ACTUAL and TARGET Lead numbers?
  • Where are the opportunities?
  • If incremental business if growth is part of your strategy this year?

The Broker Business (above) generated 114 leads for the quarter.

  • Existing Client Referrals represented 23% of total leads, or 26 leads in total for the quarter
  • Next highest lead source was Instagram at 17% or 19 leads for the quarter
  • EQUAL THIRD PLACE was existing clients seeking new lending AND leads from the Broker’s personal network accounted for 11% share of leads each (for a combined 25 leads for the quarter).
  • Their GOAL is 110 leads for the quarter to achieve $5 million worth of settlements.

HOORAY, FOR THIS QUARTER, THEY MADE IT!!! But the clock re-sets next quarter to ensure they achieve their 12-month Settlement Goal.

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