Marketing Tips for Brokers – HOW TO get More 5-Star Reviews.

Online Reviews have been found to increase sales 18%, on average.

58% of consumers report that the star-rating of a business is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in their decision-making process! They should matter to YOU!!


  • Reviews Build Consumer Trust. 5-Star reviews signal to consumers that you offer a qualify service. Indeed, consumers tend to totally overlook any business with a less than 4-star rating.
  • Reviews Improve your Search Ranking. Google 5-star reviews ADD SEO points to your Web listing. They increase the visibility of your page as Google is always searching for the latest and most relevant websites to show Searchers.
  • They Increase Sales. Studies reveal that people are more likely to buy from businesses with top-rated reviews by between 5-9%, on average. For online Reviews, that increases again to an average uplift of 18%.
  • Lastly, Reviews extend the Reach of your Brand. To the Reviewers online network and to other sites such as Rate my Broker and the like.


Just follow these 5 simple steps.

1.Ask Nicely. Here’s a script we’ve found particularly effective:

…your Home Loan has just been Unconditionally Approved. CONGRATULATIONS, how do you feel? I will shoot you an email tomorrow with all the details of your Finance Approval… but for now, I just want you to relish this moment. Thank you so much for putting your faith and trust in me….can I ask a huge favour? Would you mind you giving me a Google Review? It’s SUPER easy and takes just a few seconds. Your comments will help other people find me and, know what to expect. I’ve just sent you the link via text but if you prefer, I can send via email? Thank you SO MUCH…

2.Get the timing right. Unconditional Approval is better than waiting till Settlement.

WHY? Because studies have show that the moment of highest elation for new Home Loan clients is actually when they learn their finance is approved. Between then and settlement, the documentation and fulfilment requirements tend to diminish that level of elation.

3.Make it Easy. Send the link to them while they’re still on the phone. Text instead of email. And follow this text template:

“…thank you SO MUCH for agreeing to do this massive favour for me? It will really help others find me and understand how they can benefit from our service and advice. It is SUPER easy to do and will only take a few seconds. Looking forward to reading your comments. GOOGLE REVIEW LINK [link] FACEBOOK REVIEW LINK [link]”

4.Say Thank You. As soon as you possibly can. Phone is best. We like this script:

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have just read your Review and I am literally speechless! What you so kindly took the time to write means more to me than you could ever imagine, especially as I know you busy you are and how much of a favour this was to ask of you. Your Review will help other people like you find me and know what they can expect, when they need to find a Mortgage Broker for their Home Loan and I really am SO grateful. Have an amazing rest of the day and we’ll chat again soon.”

5.Reciprocate. By giving rave Reviews to Others.

  • For your self-employed clients, a 5-star Google Review
  • For your Professional Clients, a Linked In Recommendation and Skills Endorsement
  • For your Referral Partners, an Online Review
  • For your local Business Community, 5-star Google Reviews

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