Marketing Tips for Brokers – 7 Reasons to Enter Industry Awards

Celebrate High Standards, Encourage Others to Strive for Excellence, Leave a Legacy.

The Mortgage & Finance Broking Industry Awards Calendar begins in January of each year with the peculiarly “non-finance based”, Real Estate Business Awards, with the single-only category of “Mortgage Broker of the Year”

It is actually not until February that the first of the Official Industry Award kicks off with the hugely popular, State-Based, Better Business Awards

Closely followed in May by the Mortgage & Finance Association (MFAA) State-based Excellence Awards. The Winners of these State Awards then go into the running for the MFAA’s National Awards, in July of the same year

In August, the Industry all descends on Sydney for the Australian Broking Awards

Returning in October for the coveted Women in Finance Awards and the Australian Mortgage Awards

The Final Industry Awards Show for the Calendar Year is the Finance Broker’s Association (FBAA) Awards of Supremacy, held in November each year on Queensland’s Gold Coast


So WHY should your business enter any of these Awards?

Having coached many Award-Winning Brokers over the years, I have identified 7 compelling reasons:

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Self-motivation
  3. Marketing & Exposure
  4. Respect & Credibility
  5. Stand Out from the Competition
  6. Attract Great Talent
  7. Industry Contribution


A benchmark is a standard from which quality or excellence are measured

Award-winning Brokers set the benchmark for the Mortgage & Finance Industry.

  • Are you exceeding these benchmarks? Or just on par? You should know this.
  • What are the benchmarks in your business?
  • Settlements, Conversions, Re-Work, Lodgement, Referrals, Leads?


If you want to be a Winner, follow Winners.

Emulate what they are doing, be inspired and plan to Win. Believe in yourself, take the action, and commit and you too can become an Award-Winning Broker.

Marketing & Exposure

The FREE marketing and media exposure you will gain from being part of your Industry’s Awards is tangibly rewarding and measurable.

Accolades can be used in ALL business marketing and promotion.

On your website, social media, blogs, client newsletters, email signatures, signage and the list goes on.

ADD your Finalist and Winner Seals to all your marketing collateral and issue Media Releases to ALL your local print and digital media.

Respect & Credibility

Ask yourself; “what do potential clients see?”

They see a Broker who is at the Top of his or her Game, offering a quality service with credible, quantifiable results.

Awards elevate trust and open doors to new opportunities, if you are open to them?

Stand Out from the Competition

Will your Industry Award recognitional put you in the lead?

Could it be ‘the deciding factor’? It’s highly likely.

Stand out from the crow with you accolades and achievements. It’s better than any paid advertising!

Attract Great Talent

Who doesn’t want to be part of a Winning Team?

Attract like-minded Brokers. Let them know you’re motivated and goal-driven, perhaps even offer to mentor them?

Industry Contribution

Celebrate high standards and encourage others to strive for excellence.

Be proud of your contribution. Share your insights and leave a legacy others will thank you for.

It’s for all of these reasons that I encourage you all to consider entering your business in the next, upcoming Industry Awards.

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