Marketing Tips for Brokers – Which is The Best Social Media Channel?

“Which do you Prefer?” each Social Media Channel polled very differently

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “which is the best social media channel for my business?”

That will largely depend on your Target Market.

  • What matters to them?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • Where do they go to find information?

For example, a 29-year old, single, First Home Buyer is likely going to be more socially active on Instagram and TIK TOK than a married professional couple in their late forties are likely to be.

For most Mortgage & Finance Brokers, I’d recommend these 3 Social Media Channels.


  • Remains the #1 Social Media Channel, though User growth is slowing
  • Over 1 billion active users every day
  • Largest age-group are 25-34 year olds
  • Baby Boomers are the fast-growing demographic
  • 44% Female Audience
  • Average time spent per day is 38 mins
  • Facebook Groups help to personalise engagement with your Brand


  • Now the #2 Social Media Channel with over a billion Users
  • Largest age-group are 25-34 year olds
  • The fastest growing Platform for the under 30’s
  • 57% Female Audience
  • Average time spent per day is 29 mins
  • Use the Reels and Stories Features to boost your following


  • Next to Twitter, the #4 Social Media Channel with 65 million Users
  • Professional Network
  • You are more likely to find Business Partners and Referrers than new clients on this Channel
  • Largest age-group are 46-55 year olds
  • 49% Female Audience
  • 63% of Users access their Account monthly
  • 22% of Users access their Account weekly
  • The best channel for sharing content

We recently ran a simple QUIZ on each of our Social Media Channels and compared the results after the first 24 hours.

Specifically, we asked: “Which One of these 4 Picture Backdrops do you Prefer?”

  • LINKED IN recorded the highest percentage of votes (43%)
  • LINKED IN recorded the greatest reach at 2777 (80%)
  • INSTAGRAM recorded the highest number of likes and interactions at 186 (41%)
Summary Results across all Channels within the first 24 hours
Instagram Results
  • INSTAGRAM most popular Vote was for Purple at 56%
  • FACEBOOK most popular Vote was for Yellow at 48%
  • LINKED IN most popular Vote was a three-way tie between Yellow, Purple and Pink
Comparing the Votes across each of the Different Channels

Which goes to prove that each Social Media Platform has its own unique audience with different tastes and preferences as well as varying degrees of engagement.

Which Social Media platform will you choose?

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